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Guía helps teams develop and clarify the path forward for their key communication initiatives. Our approach is customized for each brand’s unique opportunity, and integrates research to maximize results.


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We offer consultation services and Workshops for clients with specific communication planning needs.

We can bring the Workshop to you, or arrange to host your group in a space that inspires fresh thinking.


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Our consultancy has garnered the trust of and repeat business from national brands and leading creative agencies. The strategic tools and consumer presentations Guía authors are often implemented across their businesses.




SNAPSHOT  A national kid yogurt brand needed to stay relevant among a new generation of younger moms to promote growth. They knew they wanted Millennial Moms, but didn’t know how they should connect with them.


THE APPROACH  Working closely with agency and client teams, Guía led the strategic approach to the challenge. First, we leveraged existing consumer and market intelligence to help identify key themes and learning gaps.


From there, Guía conducted a series of guided Workshops for the team to arrive at a focused communication objective, target and insight into Millennial Moms as it related to kid yogurt, which unlocked exciting new ways to think about the brand.


Afterwards, Guía worked closely with internal client Consumer Insight team members to develop a creative, yet rigorous approach to the primary research design that further helped crystalize the strategy, and provided further inspiration to the marketing and agency teams.


Millennial Moms and the

Kid Yogurt Opportunity


Retailer Seeking the Heart

of the Latino Shopper

SNAPSHOT  A top commercial developer had identified Latinos as an untapped opportunity for a new retail concept in San Antonio. They had some initial thoughts about what this shopper liked, but were in need of further analysis and real insight into what would draw in Latino families.


THE APPROACH  Guía created a Retail Landscape and a Workshop for the leadership team to help develop a Latino-focused retail concept using key visuals and descriptors. This challenged the initial thinking about potential offerings and the assumptions about what Latinos wanted.


We then set up qualitative sessions among prospective shoppers, explored the Concepts, and afterwards brought the Leadership team back together for another Workshop. The findings resulted in a reconsideration of their initial thinking, as they now had specific direction informed by what Latino shoppers actually wanted.


The retail center enjoyed a successful launch and is now a thriving commercial center in the community.



Our Roots

Our 15+ years of Account Planning leadership experience means our research expertise is combined with a deep understanding of how it will be applied to marketing initiatives.


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