Guía develops strategic frameworks for more powerful communication and marketing methods.

A Framework represents how your brand thinks,

and therefore helps guide how it will act.


Tailored Tools

Our experience working with some of the best brands, consumer and marketing teams out there brings

a fresh perspective that’s grounded in what really works.


Guía helps teams develop and adopt enduring strategic approaches captured in dynamic guidebooks, videos

and training sessions.

Planning Process Guidebooks

Target Mindset


Brand Essence


Team Onboarding Workshops

Design Matters

Why just say it when you can show it? We design internal communication tools that are tailored to the need at hand. They’ll look good, but more importantly, they'll breathe life into ideas to help make a lasting impression.


Our unique ability to cross-pollinate among research, planning and the creative expression of strategy helps unlock more effective communication.

SNAPSHOT  A rapidly expanding marketing team needed a more formalized and strategic approach to developing communication initiatives for a highly regarded brand. Guía and Landreth Creative designed a set of internal tools that provided a strategic framework the client team could use across key communication initiatives.


THE APPROACH  It was important to start with a deep understanding of the brand and company’s culture so as to develop tools that would actually work for the teams. The consultation began with an audit, including executive interviews to help inform tool development. Then, we worked to develop a customized strategic framework to help guide their approach to initiatives, which was articulated and visualized in an accessible Guide Book that adhered closely to the brand’s visual identity. Additionally, a series of Workshops helped them internalize the principles and new approaches, as teams put the tools to the test developing a key campaign.




Creating a Strategic Guide

for a Leading Brand

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