We believe that infusing creativity and warmth into research inspires fresher insights from both consumers and client teams.

From traditional focus groups to consumer Workshops in alternative spaces, our approach is always thoughtfully tailored.



We Are Navigators

We draw upon over 15 years of consumer research and marketing experience to help brands crack the code with consumers.



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Get into their mindset and leverage the potential of one of the largest generations in history.

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Decode their thoughts and behaviors to get a dialogue started.


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Inclusivity matters more than ever. Reach out to an influential and connected community.

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Our Methods


Our research techniques unlock meaningful insights and provide dynamic, visual reports.


We carefully consider each project’s objectives to weave together tried-and-true approaches with innovative methods and tools, such as:


Group Discussions



Video Diaries

Mobile Journaling


Quantitative Study Management

Social Media Research

Online Research

Corporate Interviews



Our Reports


Let’s think about the typical research report. Most give you that bland, “I’m reading a cookie-cutter document” feeling. Many manage to report the data, but don’t make it interesting or leave you with something actionable.


We bring reports to life with crisp headlines and visual representations of the findings to help teams internalize the learning.


Our aim is to make reports you remember, use and revisit when you need a burst of inspiration and guidance about your consumer.


SNAPSHOT  A top entertainment brand needed to dig deep into the dynamics of Millennials and their families based on the learning that many were delaying moving out into their own households. Guía designed innovative qualitative research designed to get a complete look into their lives in and out of the home.


THE APPROACH  Guía provided Millennials (recruited to be especially creative and expressive) with video cameras prior to live In-Home interviews. They documented their lives and family life, taking the camera with them as they went about their day. During the In-Home sessions, we met with Millennials, their parents and siblings, and conducted a series of exercises that explored the family dynamics. At the end of the sessions, we debriefed with an individual interview to capture Millennials’ take on entertainment and media habits.


This in-depth and 360-degree approach yielded insights that helped transform the way the Consumer Insight team thought about this segment. Additionally, the visual Key Findings presentation Guía put together was utilized across the various lines of business, and helped the organization put the insights to action.



Millennial Family Dynamics

for a Top Entertainment Brand


Casual Dining and

In-The-Moment Insight

SNAPSHOT  A national casual dining restaurant brand wanted to understand how diners were experiencing their brand to be able to leverage the insights for a new communication strategy.


THE APPROACH  Guía set up a sample of diners in cities who reported back on their experiences in restaurants via a mobile research platform, while they were dining. They captured responses and sent pictures of what was happening in the moment. When we later met them for group discussions, they were able to further explore the dynamics of the experience, and identify bonds and barriers.


This helped promote a rich discussion leading up to the exploration of new positioning themes for the brand and also provided creative visuals. The marketing and agency teams were not only able to fully understand the most promising direction for the subsequent communication, but why it might work and how to optimize it among the target.

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